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Thanks for all your help with all the practice transitions. Things go smoothly and get done in a timely and efficient manner. It really is such a great aid to have you and your knowledge and contacts involved with the transitions.Dr. Mike Laszynski

Thad, Jan†and I†can't thank you enough for your diligence† and professionalism during the transition and sale. Selling a practice and transitioning into a new way of life requires guidance and organization. Thad you have provided an individualized map for us to navigate the new waters. The transition was smooth and timely. Thank you again for your help. Dr. Galen Williams, Angola

Thad is always willing to pick up the phone. He will answer any question anytime. Thad has great relationships with every professional group needed along the path of practice transitions. Always a first class operation when dealing with ddsmatch! Jason Flannagan DDS

Thad is always willing to pick up the phone. He will answer any question anytime. Thad has great relationships with every professional group needed along the path of practice transitions. Always a first class operation when dealing with ddsmatch! Jason Flannagan DDS

To Whom it may concern: Thad Miller and D.D.S. Match were an excellent transition resource for my practice. He provided outstanding qualified candidates as well as superior and responsive service. He matched me with the right doctor for my practice, and his help enabled me to achieve the outcome for my practice that I had hoped and planned for. I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering a transition in their practice.Dr. Jennifer Kittle

We closed on the sale of my Dadís dental practice and equipment this morning. Both my Dad and the buyer were very happy about the sale. It makes me feel very good to know we were able to sell the practice to someone my Dad feels will take excellent care of his patients and staff. Again, I want to thank you for all of your help. You gave me great advice and I will continue to refer any dentists I come in contact with to you.Chuck Hayes, Advisor

Thad, I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for bringing Dr. Amber to our practice for the transition. She is a delight and I am sure will do very well here in Hartford City - the patients and staff alike have been very accepting of her and she is proving that she has some very fine leadership skills that will just enhance her practice even more. You have done an excellent job of matching our personalities and abilities, and I am so comfortable in telling my patients that they are in "good hands" with her as their new dentist.Dr. Ron Wolf, Hartford City, Indiana

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude in having you aid and assist me throughout this entire transition process. I knew from our initial meeting that you were going to take care of me every step of the way and I look forward to working with you again in the future. You are exceptional in what services you provide and I could not be more excited to get going on this next career advancement that you helped facilitate! Dr. Christie Oyler

Thad took all of the anxiety of selling out of the equation and smoothly coordinated everything with banks, accountants, attorneys, the buyer, etc. and made it all seem so easy. He was very responsive to emails and phone calls. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Thad Miller. Thank You, Thad!!Dr. Doug Eriks, Zionsville

Thad, saying that you have surpassed expectations would be a complete understatement. Thank you! Thank you! Dr. Jeff Canfield

I want to thank you for all your hard work in selling my dental practice. Although, my practice was not large, you still devoted the time and effort needed. Selling the practice in 3 months was very good. The transition was very smooth. You took all the pain out of this process for me. I would recomend you to dentists who are planning to sell.Dr. Gerald Stahl, Columbus Indiana

"Thad, Thanks so much for everything. I was so excited to get everything signed!! Thanks for finding such a good candidate, for finding someone so quick, and helping to make it work. Thanks again."Dr. Kim Alexander, Franklin Indiana

"Ever since I began looking for a practice, ddsmatch was there offering to spend as much time as needed to find the perfect match for me. I would reccomend ddsmatch to anyone buying or selling as they will take care of you the entire way."Dr. David Shock, Noblesville Indiana

The selling dentist and I knew we were a good match for my purchasing his practice when the time was right, but we wanted help with the transition process. We contacted Thad and we are very pleased with that decision. Thad connected us with our individual teams of advisors and coordinated the entire process. As a result, the selling dentist and I have a transition solution in progress that has satisfied both of our interests and left both parties excited for the future.Dr. Jennifer Neise, Pendleton Indiana

Thad's approach was very professional and he was good about explaining each step in the process. He provided more than one candidate and was good about communicating updates in a timely manner. He also had many contacts at his disposal to provide legal and/or financial support if needed. I can strongly recommend Thad Miller as an excellent dental practice broker.Dr. Bob Beckett, Jr, Wabash

ddsmatch is the only Indiana Dental Broker to use Certified Valuation Analysts to perform business valuations which benefit the dentist by having greater confidence that the service they receive. .A primary requirement for becoming a CVA is to hold a valid license as a Certified Public Accountant. CVAs must be professional in quality, adhere to industry standards, and meet a level of expertise the Association deems credible and worthy of one of its certified members.-

In an effort to be of further service to my clients, Thad Miller has recently completed the necessary course work and passed the Indiana Real Estate Exam. He is now able to represent clients in the sale of the practice and their building...all with 100% confidentiality to protect your practice, your staff and your patients in the selling process.-

"I wanted to write a thank you for helping me in the sale of my dental practice. You answered all my questions during the selling process and even replied very promptly to all my phone calls! Those call backs were beyond the call of duty! I was impressed with your knowledge about the total process , from the acquisition of buyers to the transition of the buyer to owner of the practice. The personal sincerity at ddsmatch is miles apart from the other dental brokers." Dr. Dan Hughes, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Thad is great. From I first contacted him to the conclusion of the sale of my practice, it took only four months; and he sold my practice at the price I asked for. Thad is very efficient, savvy with people, and has great network of buyers and financiers. I know he worked hard for me behind the scene and I appreciate his effort very much. I would recommend Thad to anyone who is thinking about selling a practice." Dr. Ching-Shu Wagner, Anderson, Indiana

"Just a note to thank you for selling my practice in record time. Do you realize that it only took four months from start to finish. Plus we got our asking price. Your idea of an independent appraisal was excellent. I am very happy, I have no regrets and am looking forward to an exciting retirement." Dr. John Wells, West Lafayette, Indiana

"I would highly recommend Thad Miller to new dental school graduates and for anyone looking to sell/buy a practice. He is patient, professional and fair. Thank you, Thad for all your help." Dr. Anne Sy, 2010 Indiana University School of Dentistry Graduate

"Thank you for all you have done over the past year. You have gone above and beyond what could be expected. You do wonderful work and I would recommend you to anyone. If you ever need a reference, please let me know. Thanks again for such a great job." Dr. Mike Kirchner, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Dr Kirchner and myself want to express our deepest thanks to you in making our successful transition a reality. We really appreciate you guiding us every step of the way to have a fair and equitable transition of practice. From our first meeting to discuss the type of successor I was looking for to the final closing and champagne toast, you were there to take care of the details. I just don't see how anyone could do a practice sale without an excellent broker like you walking us through every step. The coordination of buyer, seller, bankers and attorneys requires a person trained and skilled in these details. Thanks again for your high level of service that made this all possible. I would be happy to speak to anyone concerning your services and have already referred a friend who is considering selling his practice. - Dr. Joe Jacobi, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Thad Miller and ddsmatch did a wonderful job in the sale of our dental practice. The time from listing to closing was only about four months. Throughout that time, Thad kept us up to date on all phases of the complex process. We can vouch unequivocally for his skill and knowledge as a practice broker, as well as his pleasant personality. Sincerely, Dean and Dianne Craft, Frankfort Indiana Dr. Dean and Diane Craft, Frankfort Indiana

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Practice Transitions: The Role of the Purchase Agreement in Selling and Buying A Dental Practice

Sarah Cotterill is a member of Ice Miller's Health Group, practicing in the area of health care regulatory law. Cotterill represents various providers and suppliers of health services, including hospitals, physicians, medical device manufacturers, dentists and suppliers of diagnostic, laboratory and other services. She can be reached at: 317-236-5872 or 

At some time in your career, you may decide that you would like to own your own dental practice rather than working as an associate, or that it is time for you to sell the practice and move on to other opportunities. Any current owner of a dental practice knows that ownership can be a very rewarding experience, if done right. A dental practice is a complicated business and the purchase agreement that goes along with the sale or purchase of a practice is no different.

While purchase agreements do not make for sizzling summer reading, they do go a long way in providing legal protection when buying or selling a dental practice. Not surprisingly, the focus tends to be on purchase price, deal structure, and basic terms. But purchase agreements also address many less obvious, but equally important, legal issues.

The purchase of a dental practice necessarily involves risk, including practice liabilities that may not be apparent until after closing. Undisclosed lawsuits, judgments, debt, or other lingering obligations could sink a practice unless identified and addressed prior to closing. A seller may withhold knowledge of information potentially adverse to a practice or a buyer may fail to inquire about various issues. The purchase agreement forces a seller to disclose practice liabilities by means of representations and warranties concerning the practice, while a "survival" clause ensures that the seller stands by these representations even after closing. The purchase agreement also forces the buyer to represent to the seller that he/she is able to purchase the practice on the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement, including the ability to pay the purchase price.

Liabilities exist regardless of the amount of diligence a buyer does. Not all liabilities however are bad. Some "contract liabilities" may be worth taking over, such as an office lease or associate employment agreement. But, these should be reviewed and identified in the purchase agreement as being assumed by the buyer.

How a seller conducts the practice in the days leading up to closing and how the parties transition the practice following closing are also addressed in the purchase agreement. Transition aspects include notifying patients, collecting receivables, and specifying tasks to ensure the smooth transition of the practice. Certain conditions to closing must be described in the contract and satisfied prior to closing, such as, for the buyer, obtaining financing and leasing or purchasing office space, and for the seller, satisfying the liabilities identified in the contract.

Equally important, the purchase agreement should contain the seller's (and perhaps the buyer's) covenant not to compete after closing and not to solicit business from former patients or induce staff to leave. Restrictive covenants must be drafted with care to ensure enforceability.

Even the purchase amount involves more than meets the eye. For example, how the parties allocate the purchase price to various categories of assets (furniture, equipment, goodwill, non-competition, etc.) will affect the buyer and seller in different ways from a tax standpoint. This allocation is negotiated in the contract.

Finally, there are "boilerplate" clauses, such as assigning or amending contracts, excluding verbal agreements, or designating specific state laws for enforcement of agreement provisions.

A purchase agreement enables a buyer and seller to enter a transaction with eyes wide open. A properly drafted purchase agreement will go a long way toward providing sound legal protection and peace of mind to both buyer and seller.