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Dr. Mary Anne Bain finds the perfect match through ddsmatch

Dr. Mary Anne Bain hired ddsmatch to find a dentist to not only purchase her practice, but to join and get engaged in the community of Wabash, Indiana.  It is what has made her small town practice unique and successful.  After an extensive search, Dr. Corey Martinez and his wife Mary were willing and able to take on the opportunity and made it a reality.  Dr. Bain had this to say about our services "ddsmatch provided all the necessary tools to thoroughly evaluate and appraise my business.  His service was professional and with a much needed personal touch.  I am happily retired!"  Congratulations to all of you, wishing you the best in the new year!

Louisville dentist transitions and Kentucky picks up a few new residents!

Dr. Ray Elliotte of Louisville had spent his life in dentistry, first working in a dental lab at the age of 16, then going on to own a dental lab.  After a few years as a Lab Technician he decided he wanted to be a dentist and had a long successful career as a dentist on the east end of Louisville.  Dr. Fotina Lefta-Hoskins went to school at University of Kentucky and was practicing dentistry as an associate in Virginia.  She and her husband wanted a new opportunity in Louisville and with their growing family (Dr. Lefta-Hoskins expecting their first child in February) this was the perfect match.  Congratulations to all of you, I know you will be a success and a great addition to the community.

Dr. J. Mark Thomas finds the perfect match in Dr. Derek Garcia in Seymour.

Dr. Mark Thomas and his wife Karen had a very successful pratice in Seymour, Indiana.  In addition to being a leader in the practice, Dr. Thomas was and remains very active with the Indiana Dental Association and also served as their President of The Board of Trustees.  Dr. Derek Garcia was a graduate of the University of Louisville and was working as an employee of a group practice in Kentucky.  After looking at other practice opportunities he found the perfect match with Dr. Thomas and is doing very well in the new opportunity.  Dr. Thomas and Karen were very happy with the process and Dr. Thomas stated "Thanks once more for all you have done to get us to this point. You are extremely gifted in doing what you do."  I appreciate the kind words and am so very happy for all of you.

Louisville dentist Dr. Mark Mathis is connected to Dr. Lindsey Graves for a transition of his successful practice.

Dr. Mathis had an incredible dental practice on the East End of Louisville.  Due to its size and real estate he needed an experienced dentist to transition the practice to take on the patient load and responsibility.  Thad Miller of ddsmatch had first met Dr. Graves at a UofL dental student event in 2009 and stayed in touch over the years until the right opportunity arose.  Dr. Mathis was that opportunity and she is excited about her own practice and working together with him to ensure a smooth transition.  Congratulations to both of you, it was a pleasure getting to know you in the process.

Dr. Claude Willis is matched to Dr. John Jansen for a sale of practice and building just south of Indianapolis

Dr. Claude Willis hired ddsmatch to find a dentist to purchase his pratice and building and in six months a viable buyer with great experience was located.  Dr. John Jansen who had previously practiced in Greenwood was excited to get back to work in private practice and start seeing patients near home.  Congratulations on the retirement Dr. Willis and on the new beginning for Dr. John!

Dr. Logan Ballard finds a great match with Dr. Dan Berquist and Dr. Joe Ornelas

Dr. Dan Berquist and Dr. Joe Ornelas were looking for an opportuntiy to work together in a practice.  Having both secured part-time opportunities it gave them a chance to work together on owning something together.  ddsmatch was able to connect and transition the practice of Dr. Logan Ballard of La Porte to the two of them and Dr. Ornelas had this to say about the experience, "Working with ddsmatch and Thad couldn't have been any better.  Thad was always very responsive to any of our requests concerning the practice.  Being first time buyers we had very little knowledge of everythign a practice transition entails.  Thad was extremely helpful every step of the way and put us in contact with some great folks to help us along.  I honestly felt lik I should have been paying for his services at times, along with the selling doc.  I would not hesitate one second to reccomend working with Thad Miller and ddsmatch to anyone who asks."  Congratulations to all on a successful transition!
Dr. George Kopko sells practice and building to Dr. Joel Lanie

Dr. George Kopko of Bargersville hired Thad Miller ddsmatch and in a few months using The Trusted Transition Process he was able to locate the ideal candidate for the practice and the building in Dr. Joel Lanie who grew up nearby and was excited to have a practice where he was close to his family and friends.  Thanks for the kind words Dr. Kopko and all the best to you and Paula in your retirement!

ddsmatch to launch the Match Notice Solution and offering a free Practice Transition Assessement at 2016 Chicago Midwinter Meeting

President and founder of ddsmatch, Thad Miller  is excited to announce the new Match Notice Solution feature to  It is a real-time response of a potential match of a new practice listing with a desired location of a ddmatch subscriber.  Thad stated "With the amount of opportunities coming to the market in the coming years, quick response and timing of offers will be critical in finding the best match for dentists looking for good practices to purchase or transition."  In addition to this innovative feature to the website, ddsmatch will be offering a free Practice Transition Assessment  for any dentist attending this year's Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting February 25-27.  Please come visit us at Booth 4245 or call 1-855-546-0044.

Dr. Tom Hasewinkel of Indianapolis is connected to Dr. John Retrum of Louisville for a homecoming


Dr. Tom Hasewinkel of Indianapolis hired ddsmatch to help him transition his fee-for-service practice.  In only 4 months he was united with Dr. John Retrum, a graduate of Temple Dental School who was working in Louisville.  John was looking to get back "home" to Indiana so he could be closer to his family.  Dr. Hasewinkle said this after the closing "The sale of my practice was very straightforward.  Thad was very professional, and always prompt in his communication.  He presented me with four very good candidates.  My final selection was determined by experience and personality.  I feel very comfortable with my successor.  Thad's experience was very helpful through the entire process.  I would highly reccomend his services."

Dr. Kevin DeaKyne finds a great match with Decatur Dental in Northeast Indiana

Dr. Kevin DeaKyne of Warren, Indiana was able to achieve his goal of transitioning his practice in his small town of Warren by being connected to Decatur Dental by ddsmatch.  Dr. DeaKyne was also able to work for eight months in the practice to help transition the patients to the new doctors who will be joining the practice in 2016.  Congratulations Kevin and Shelby on your retirement and best wishes to all involved in the future of the Warren practice!

Dr. Morris Bitzer hires ddsmatch to bring in local new dental graduate from UofL Dr. Evan Hipp

Dr. Morris Bitzer of Haubstadt needed someone to help transition his successful practice to a local home-town professional who would be graduating in 2015.  ddsmatch used The Trusted Transition Process to bring the two together and they are thriving in the small town near Evansville.  Dr. Bitzer had to say about the service he received "Thad did a great job managing our transition.  Good guy and well worth the fee."  Thanks for the kind words Dr. Bitzer and all the best to you and Jonie and your retirement!


At the birthplace of James Dean...ddsmatch brings Dr. Bruce Dryer and Dr. David Shock together for a great match!

Dr. Bruce Dryer had a successful practice and great building in Fairmount, Indiana, birthplace of the Rebel Without a Cause...James Dean.  Choosing to institute The Trusted Transition Process with ddsmatch, Dr. Dryer worked with ddsmatch to connect to and finalize a transition of his practice and Real Estate to Dr. David Shock.  Dr. Dryer had to say on his experience... "From initial listing to closing in less than four months was not even a remotely realistic expectation as I considered selling our practice.  Yet, with your help and guidance, that is exactly what we did.  Thanks for being there at every turn to answer every question and continue to guide us along the way.  I especially appreciated your immediate response to our every phone call and email through the entire process...even the ones after business hours. As I had expressed to you when we first met to discuss the transitioning of our practice, one of our main goals was to find a match that was a good fit for your practice.  I could not be more confident and more at peace knowing that David and Liz will be carrying forward what I started almost forty years ago.  Barb and I are most grateful to you for helping us put the last piece of the puzzle in place so that we can now fully enjoy our many other interests."  Congratulations to you both!

Madison...a great Indiana city gets not one but two new dentists

Dr. Robert Wall started from scratch in April of 1977 in a historical 100+ year old building in the great town of Madison.  He moved into the apartment above the practice and in time he eventually purchased the building as his business continued to grow one relationship at a time.  His fee-for-service practice was comprised of a long-term caring staff and patients from three generations.  Finding a successful transition for this opportunity was quite a task for ddsmatch.  In time, they not only found one but two incredible people to pass on Dr. Wall's legacy.  Enter Dr. Lauren Spencer and Dr. Alex Marti, a young couple with great people and clinical skills.  Lauren, having lived in Madison as a child was excited to return to the town where her dentist father spent many years taking care of patients.  Her husband Alex a 2012 graduate of the University of Louisville School of Medicine decided to go to dental school at UofL after earning his MD.  Alex will be joining the practice in 2016.  Dr. Wall had to say this about ddsmatch, "I just wanted to thank you for managing the sale and transition of my office and practice. It was very difficult for Chris and me, but you made the transition much easier and manageable. I appreciate your patience and professionalism and now your friendship. If I can be of any assistance in the future do not hesitate to call."  A special thank you to Dr. Wall and his wife Chris for the opportuntiy to work with you in the finding of Lauren and Alex to continue the care of the good people and great community of Madison. Congratulations to you all!

Dr. Donald Musselman...a third generation health care provider in Denver transitions with ddsmatch

Dr. Donald Musselman's grandfather and father practiced vetrinary medicine and dentistry in the quaint town of Denver, Indiana before he took over the practice in 1969.  His committment to his staff and community were evident in his passion for his town in the 45 years as their dentist.  Dr. Mike Laszynski saw a great match in Dr. Musselman and his team and aquired the practice to keep the small town practice in operation and continue the personal touch they have provided.   As Doc Musselman always says, "You don't have to brush all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep"...congratulations Doc on a great career and committment.  Congrats Mike on your continued growth and success.

Lafayette dentist transition goes well!

Dr. Erin Evans of Lafayette was looking to join her husband in retirement and was most excited about travel and retiring at the top of her game.  Her fee-for-service practice was doing very well.  ddsmatch was able to pair her with Dr. Jill Adams who had moved back into the Lafayette area recently and was preparing herself for practice ownership.  Thad Miller of ddsmatch recently attended the retirement party and the lines to congratulated Dr. Evans and Dr. Adams were out the door!  Dr. Evans had this to say about the service she received from ddsmatch "Thad, I can never thank you enough for your expertise and professionalism. Keep doing what you do my friend, for you do it very well."  We at ddsmatch are excited for both of your futures!

The Trusted Partnership Process is successful in Columbus.

Dr. Gary Gonzenbach hired ddsmatch to bring a local new grad from dental school into the practice, but was not ready to do the transition in 2013.  We worked together to bring Dr. Veronica Turner into the practice as an associate by creating binding documents in 2013 to be closed in the future.  Congrats to both of you in the closing and Dr. Turner's purchase on both practice and Real Estate which took place this March.  What a great testimony to the validy of The Trusted Partnership Process instead of the gradual buy-in or "hope and wait" processes that rarely comes to fruition.

Chicago dentist hires ddsmatch to transition his practice in two short months.  Buyer is thrilled with the opportunity.

Dr. Arvy Dailide had been in the Homewood/Olympia Fields suburbs of Chicago for 31 years and was strongly considering retirement.  He hired ddsmatch, started The Trusted Transition Process, in 60 days we were able to match with Dr. Christine Snow who Thad Miller had been in contact with for years.  Weeks after the closing, Arvy said  "We are doing great Thad!  Patient and staff response is fantastic and they love Christine."  Dr. Snow stated "Arvy is a dream come true.  He is going above and beyond with helping to ease patient's minds and ensure a successful takeover." It was a pleasure working with both of you.  I am excited to hear about your continued success!

Two Marion practices find successful merger with ddsmatch

Dr. Gerald Simpson and Sue Simpson had a great dental practice in Marion, Indiana.  Dr. Simpson was excited about getting more time in his glider airplane and "soaring" into retirement.  He holds nine state records for soaring.  In a few short months, ddsmatch was able to connect with another local dentist who was looking to expand his practice and also integrate a specialist into the community.  Dr. Rich Evanseck acquired the practice in October and has had great success in a very short time.  This is what he had to say about the service he received from ddsmatch:  "my experience with ddsmatch was extremely positive.  I've known Thad for many years and he was an advocate for both the buyer and seller helping each of us throughout the process.  He was very knowledgeable and made the transition very smooth.  I would highly reccomend ddsmatch to any dentist looking to buy or sell a dental practice."  Dr. Simpson, the seller had nice things to say also: "That was the most expensive bottle of champagne that I ever purchased, but the services that came attached were exemplary.  You facilitated the transition in the most expedient and seamless fashion possible.  You exceeded my expectations and were worth every penny of your fees.  The knowledge of the process made my life easier!  I heartily endorse you to future clients."  Thanks to both of you for your kind words and all the best!

New problem!

Dr. Nathan Corn wanted to own his own practice right out of dental school...after months of preparation and a short stint in an associateship his dream became a reality.  In October, Nathan purchased the practice and building of Dr. David Bossard in Franklin, Indiana.  ddsmatch was there to help with both practice and real estate transitions.  Congratulations to both of you and good luck!


Elsner returns home to Westfield 

Dr. Adam Elsner grew up in Westfield and after dental school spent his time in the corporate dental world outside of Indy.   He always knew his career would include owning his own practice...but never thought it would be so close to home!  Working with ddsmatch, Adam found a beautiful practice just south of the new "Grand Park" Sports Complex.  

Dr. Bart Poer transitioned his practice to Adam and both buyer and seller are happy with the transition.  Three months after the transition, Elsner said "Things are going great for me!  We have already dramatically increased production.  We are now looking for a second assistant."  Dr. Poer the seller had to say "ddsmatch was great!  Thad is knowledgeable, thourough and well connected but more importantly very personal.  He walks you through the process to whatever degree you need and without any pressure. He really does "match" the buyer and seller.  Thanks Thad!"

Congratulations to you both and all the best!


Jeffersonville practice transition is a success.

Dr. Bruce Jones had a wonderful practice and building in Jeffersonville, having treated thousands of families for close to forty-five was time for a transition.  ddsmatch was able to locate a dentist with a great skill set to take over the long-term patient base that Dr. Jones was able to nurture through the years.  In addition, ddsmtach was able to sell the building to the new owner. Congratulations to you Dr. Jones and Dr. Smith on the transition.  Wishing you well!


Delphi practice transition works for all!

Dr. Bob Lucas had practiced in the small town of Delphi for many years and was looking forward to more time sailing on Lake Michigan (and even bigger seas!).  In order to "cast off" he hired ddsmatch to find a worthy dentist to take over his patient base and practice.  Enter Dr. Mike Laszynski of Lafayette, who wanted a second practice to accompany his other office in a neighboring town.   After a few meetings and a plan ahead, both parties were excited about their futures!  Dr. Laszynski said "Things are great with the practice!  We now have digital in all rooms and one additional operatory close to completely updated.  I think Dr. Lucas is also excited about digital."  

Congrats Dr. Mike and for Dr. Lucas...smooth sailing!

Kentland dentist finds a great match! 

Dr. Lowell Mitchell of Kentland wanted to transition is small town practice and building, but only after he hosted his entire staff and spouses on a Hawaiian cruise....what a generous offer by the kind doctor!

Not long after the boat docked back on the mainland, Dr. Mitchell sold his practice to Dr. Jaime Castor, Dr. Alex Veach, Dr. Anne Sy.  In addition the team added a new associate to the practice.
Congrats to all and all the best to you in your new endeavors!

The Brown family enlists the help of ddsmatch to transition a great practice!

Dr. Richard and Dr. Pete Brown of Ligonier had worked together for a number of years in the town of Ligonier Indiana.  It came time for father Richard to "pass the torch" to his son Pete.   

After enlisting "The Trusted Transition Process" Dr. Brown had to say "Thanks for all your efforts in regards to transitioning my practice to my son Pete. I feel everything went exceptionally well and we achieved a fair and equitable result. I received my first pay check this week which seemed strange. It's been a long time since I've been an employee, but I'm enjoying not having all the responsibility that goes with being the employer. I'm looking forward to many more years of practicing dentistry and I am very thankful to have good health."  Congratulations to both of you for a successful transition!

With the help of ddsmatch Dr. Galen Williams of Angola finds the perfect match in Dr. Charley Gabet!

Dr. Galen Williams met with Thad Miller 3 years before finding the right match for his staff, patients and practice legacy.  It was a great journey to be with you on finding Charley and making your transition a reality.  Dr. Williams said this "Jan and I can't thank you enough for your diligence  and professionalism during the transition and sale. Selling a practice and transitioning into a new way of life requires guidance and organization. Thad you have provided an individualized map for us to navigate the new waters. The transition was smooth and timely. Thank you again for your help.  

Dr. Charley Gabet, and experienced dentist who had previously worked in corporate dentistry had this to say, "Thad with ddsmatch was great! He was very prompt with getting information to me and my advisors and was great at expediting the process of our practice purchase.  I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to find or sell a practice."

Great success to both of you and thank you for allowing ddsmatch the opportunity to be of service.

Dr. Norb Matulis and Dr. Stephen Fugaj unite in St. John

Dr. Norbert Matulis successfully practiced for 40 years in the town of St. John in the Chicago region of Indiana.  Dr. Stephen Fugaj graduated from dental school and was looking for an associateship to ownership opportunity. After an 18 month associateship he purchased the practice in its entirety.  Thad Miller of ddsmatch used The Trusted Transition Process and worked with them on the appraisal, formation and finalization of the practice transition.  

Congratulations to the both of you.  It is great to see both sides be so excited in what they have in store for their futures!

Dr. Doug Reed of Fort Wayne finds a match!

Dr. Doug Reed was looking forward to family, fun and golf in his retirement.  With a determined timeline, he hired ddsmatch to find a good fit for his practice, patients and staff.  Dr. Valerie Lake had been working in public health for years and felt as if she needed a new opportunity in private practice ownership.  After a few meetings and agreements between the two, ddsmatch was able to bring the two together in a matter of months using The Trusted Transition Process.  Congratulations Dr. Reed and Dr. Lake and we hope to see more birdies in your future Dr. Reed!

Dr. Walker and Dr. Walton and the makings of a successful merger!









Dr. Tom Walker, a successful dentist long before Greenwood Indiana, suburb of Indianapolis grew to a large metropolitan area.  He has seen a steady growth of dentists and was interested in retirement, but concerned about adding another dentist to the city to compete with the others.  As an owner of his building he was also interested in finding a dentist who would be successful in his building.  Enter Dr. Matt Walton, who had a 5 year old practice just a 1/2 mile up the road who had an expiring lease and a practice that was consistently growing.  Thad Miller of ddsmatch used The Trusted Transition Process and brought them together with the help of David Runkle of Paragon, David Durm of Barnes & Thornberg and Brad Cohen.

Dr. Walton, the buyer said "ddsmatch was able to create a very ideal situation for me; I was looking to expand my office and Thad was able to connect me with a selling Doctor located just down the street. Thad was very professional and knowledgable throughout the entire process and was there to answer questions and provide guidance to both parties.  I would recommend ddsmatch to anyone looking to buy or sell a practice."  Dr. Walker, the seller had this to day about the process..."Thad is professional, knowledgeable, and always had my best interests in mind.The process was more complicated because we had real estate involved. It was also more emotional than I anticipated. I am very happy with the results. Good job, Thad,very well done!"

Congrats to you, your staffs, patients and the merger!

Raymond and Richardson are "All Smiles"

Dr. Gregg Raymond had a very successful, highly esthetic dental practice in Franklin, Indiana.  He and his family are long-time residents of this wonderful growing town and he also graduated from the local university.  It was important that he found the right match for his staff, patients and his legacy...not to mention a good tenant for his building.  Thad Miller of ddsmatch was able to successfully connect him to Dr. Adam Richardson who had been in contact with Thad Miller for over two years looking for a practice outside of the city,  that is highly relationship based and a transitioning dentist who is able to help introduce him to the community.  In a few short months, they were pleased with the process and excited about their futures.   Dr. Raymond said this about ddsmatch..."I have found Thad's knowledge and expertise in our market to be second to none.  His approach and professionalism with our transition was exceptional and I would highly recommend him to anyone attempting to buy or sell a dental practice!"  

So very happy for you both!

Anderson gets a new dentist in Arive

Dr. Craig Arive had a successful career in marketing when he decided to become a dentist.  Having to catch up on science courses before starting dental school took time also and he wondered if he would ever be "back to work"...after graduation he took a position but he knew practice ownership was in his future.  Working with Thad Miller of ddsmatch he found his new home and became that practice owner at the office of Dr. Charles Jones in Anderson who was looking forward to retirement.  

Congratulations on a successful transition...good luck to both of you!


"Butler Bulldog finds his match" 

Dr. Jennifer Kittle was looking for not only any candidate, but the "right" candidate for her practice.  Choosing to retire was difficult enough, but wanting to find the right dentist to transition her tenured staff and patients was the challenge. 

Thad Miller of ddsmatch introduced Dr. John Pasiczynk to Jennifer and in four months the practice was transitioned.  John, a Butler grad had been looking for three years for the right practice for him and once The Trusted Transition Process was started, the pieces fell into place for both Jennifer and John.  After the transition, Jennifer said "Thad Miller and ddsmatch were an excellent transition resource for my practice.He provided outstanding qualified candidates as well as superior and responsive service.  He matched me with the right doctor for my practice, and his help enabled me to achieve the outcome for my practice that I had hoped and planned for.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering a transition in their practice."  Congratulations to Jennifer and John!



"Brotherly love" in quick transition in Carmel

Dr. Fidel Barbosa and Dr. Francisco Velez owned a Carmel, Indiana practice together and were looking to transition from their partnership to individual opportunities that were presented to them.  They were on a tight time frame and wanted to find the right "match" for their practice.  Enter Dr. Jason Flannagan, who owns a practice in nearby Westfield who was looking to expand an incorporate his brother Kevin who recently graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry into his company.  In two short months ddsmatch was able to make the match happen and both buyers and sellers are succeeding in their new opportunities.  Congratulations to all!

A "homecoming" of sorts for Turner

Dr. Veronica Turner grew up in Columbus, Indiana and aspired to be a clinician in her hometown for many years.  Completing her dental training at New York University-Stoneybrook it was exciting to think of what could be in the future!  Upon first speaking with Thad Miller of ddsmatch in 2009 her goals were clear.  Enter Dr. Gary Gonzenbach, a successful clinician in Columbus who was looking for a transition in the coming years.  He hired ddsmatch to work through The Partnership Match Solution to help bring them together over time with realistic expectations and a clear path to success.  Congratulations to the two of you...and the staff and patients who will benefit from a smooth transition.



A "Rose" of a transition in Thorntown

Dr. Tim Dorsey desired a quick transition in his small town practice in Thorntown, just northwest of Indianapolis.  Dr. Joe Keck had been in search for the right match for him for two years having worked associateships and employee of corporate dentistry.  After setting the stage through The Trusted Transition Process the practice was in high demand from the start! Upon advice from Thad Miller of ddsmatch, Dr. Joe had assembled a team of professionals to help him...which helped the process go quickly.  In weeks, Dr. Joe and Dr. Tim were fully committed to making the transition work.  
Both dentists were very happy with the result as evidence in Dr. Keck's testimonial: "I worked with Thad and ddsmatch for at least two years before finding the practice I wanted to purchase.  I came to Thad with a pretty specific vision of what type of practice I was hoping to purchase, and he delivered!  He also made excellent recommendations in helping me assemble "my team.”  With Thad’s experience we were able to streamline the process, and just over a month after initially seeing the practice, we had closed the deal and I was up and running!  I would recommend Thad to anybody looking to find the perfect practice for them!



Our first of many transitions in Kentucky!

Dr. Lisa Daugherty was interested in transitioning her practice in 2012 and after several unsuccessful attempts with other companies she contacted ddsmatch.  In two short months, we found Dr. Jeremy Fairbourn in northeast Ohio who was drawn to the great town of Shelbyville Kentucky to settle
and raise his family of four. 
With great help from both buyer and seller's advisors we were able to wrap up the transaction in a short time frame and the two could not be happier! 
All the best to both of you in your endeavors!


Back at it again in Jeffersonville!

Dr. Dagmar Colon started and built a very successful practice in Evansville.  She sold it years ago and wanted to start again near Louisville.  Dr. Douglas Cotton of Jeffersonville accepted a position at the University of Louisville Dental School and wanted to spend more time teaching.  Thad Miller of ddsmatch brought them together in October in a successful transition of the practice.  A big thank you to Dr. Colon for getting "back at it" in private practice and much appreciation to Dr. Cotton for his time and efforts with the future of dentistry at ULSD!  All the best to both of you in your endeavors.




Winning Match in Hartford City


Dr. Ron Wolf had a very successful dental practice in Hartford City, Indiana but wanted more time to do woodworking and travel.  He contacted Thad Miller of ddsmatch to start the search for the right match for the practice he and his wife Karyl started in 1975.  Being in a rural area 80 miles from Indianapolis, he knew it would take time to find someone who embodied a similar focus on patient care and enjoy practicing dentistry a small town environment.


Enter Dr. Amber Reid, practicing in a small town with the desire to be a business owner, not an employee. After several meetings in the "Interview Alignment" stage of The Trusted Transition Process, the two moved toward a successful transition together which consummated in August, 2012. Dr. Wolf is able to see patients periodically and is helping Dr. Amber integrate into the Hartford City community.  Wishing both of you all the best, it has been a pleasure working with you!


Successful transition for both in Zionsville!

Dr. Doug Eriks and Dr. Christie Oyler desired a change.  Doug was interested in relocating to a rural practice and Christie was looking to leave corporate dentistry for a practice of her own.  In the words of Dr. Eriks, "I started working with Thad about two years ago and his resources and knowledge have been invaluable.  I felt very comfortable working with Thad and appreciated all of his advice. After finding a practice that was a better fit for my career goals I called Thad to put my practice on the market.  The next day I had two dentists come through to interview me and check out the practice.  Within a few days a letter of intent was signed and within 6 weeks my practice was sold.  Thad took all of the anxiety of selling out of the equation and smoothly coordinated everything with banks, accountants, attorneys, the buyer, etc. and made it all seem so easy.  He was very responsive to emails and phone calls.  If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Thad Miller.  Thank You, Thad!!
Dr. Christie Oyler, a 2011 graduate of The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry said about ddsmatch "I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude in having you aid and assist me throughout this entire transition process. I knew from our initial meeting that you were going to take care of me every step of the way and I look forward to working with you again in the future. You are exceptional in what services you provide and I could not be more excited to get going on this next career advancement that you helped facilitate!"
Congratulations to two great people and all the best in your dental careers!


ddsmatch brings two IUSD grads back to Indiana! Also, helps buyer's husband get started on his new endeavor.

Dr. Doug Weir of Mitchell, Indiana was yearning to create a practice with a focus on prosthetics.  He started his career as a Prosthodontist and purchased a general dentistry practice which grew to a thriving business in a small town community in 
Southern Indiana.

Drs. Josh (Orthodontist) and Julie (GP) Chapman were living in Texas and wanting to return to Indiana to be closer to family and friends.  After working with Thad Miller of ddsmatch for over two years, he found the perfect scenario for their careers.  Dr. Julie purchased Dr. Weir's practice and Thad was able to find a building for Josh to start an Orthodontic practice in nearby Bloomington.

Congratulations to all as they celebrated with a traditional "ddsmatch champagne toast!"



ddsmatch successful Real Estate sale in conjunction with the sale of the dental practice

Dr. Tom Peters of Portage needed to relocate to Washington state.  In addition to owning his dental practice, he owned the building. As a registered Commercial Real Estate agent in the state of Indiana, Dr. Peters trusted ddsmatch with the sale of both his practice and building.  This allowed us to market the dental practice and the property as a package...all without word getting to patients or the communityddsmatch's successful Real Estate sale
Congratulations to Dr. Nick Yiannias in the purchase of the practice and building.  The staff, patients and community of Portage have a new and caring healthcare provider.
Congratulations to Dr. Peters on his retirement, all the best to you and your family on the relocation to Seattle.
Former IU football player has a "Homecoming" to Bloomington area dental practice

Former IU Football player comes back to Bloomington areaDr. Rob Shirley, 2011 graduate of Indiana University School of Dentistry became a partner at The Family & Cosmetic Dental Centre of Oolitic in June of 2011. Working with Thad Miller of ddsmatch at The Partnership Match Solution, Rob joined Dr. Mark Sills' practice.  After numerous meetings and planning the two are doing very well in this successful practice near Bloomington, Indiana...where Rob formerly played on the Northwestern University Varsity Football Team. 

Congratulations to both of you!





Columbus practice transitions in less than four months!

ddsmatch and Thad Miller were able to create a winning "match" for Dr. Gerald Stahl of Columbus, Indiana in less than four months.  Dr. Rob Gausmann, an associate in Indianapolis was interested in Columbus and after a visit he was impressed with the area enough to move his family to the successful southern Indiana town.  Working with Thad Miller and The Trusted Transition Process, they transfered the practice in record time.  Congratulations and best wishes to you both!



ddsmatch brings together Johnson and Neise in Pendleton

Dr. Jennifer Neise had been working Fridays at the office of Dr. N. Douglas Johnson in Pendleton Indiana for awhile and knew that someday she would like to be there full-time. Dr. Doug was excited about the prospect of transferring the practice to her, but neither had an idea how to accomplish both of their financial and practice goals.  Dr. Johnson decided to contact Thad Miller and by using the Partnership Match Solution involving advisors on both sides of the transaction and striving for ideal, they were able to agree to a partnership that worked for both dentists, the staff and the patients.   Congratulations to both of you!



ddsmatch"lucky" for Conner on St. Patrick's Day

Dr. John Conner was looking for a practice that was close to his hometown of Fort Wayne...but with a hometown feel.  Upon contacting Thad Miller in the fall of 2010 he was introduced to the practice of Dr. Bob Beckett of Wabash.  He quickly saw the tremendous opportunity and the practice was transitioned on March 17, 2011 (St. Patrick's Day).  With family heritage from Ireland, he agreed that "Irish eyes were smiling" on John, the retiring Dr. Bob Beckett and his wife Susan.




ddsmatch brings Kirchner back to Indiana

ddsmatch brings Kirchner back to Indiana

Using The Trusted Transition Process, Thad Miller was able to bring together (separated by 650 miles) Dr. Michael Kirchner and Dr. Joe Jacobi in a transition of ownership. Dr. Kirchner graduated form Indiana University School of Dentistry in 2006 and moved back home to Maryland to practice after his GPR in Ohio. Searching for the "right match" for Michael, he was introduced to Dr. Joe Jacobi and his successful 35 year old practice in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Working together, we were able to aid the clients in creating a successful transition that will benefit the dentists, their staff, their families and ultimately the patients they serve. Congratulations to you both and thank you for the kind words:

"Thad, Dr Kirchner and myself want to express our deepest thanks to you in making our successful transition a reality. We really appreciate you guiding us every step of the way to have a fair and equitable transition of practice. From our first meeting to discuss the type of successor I was looking for to the final closing and champagne toast, you were there to take care of the details. I just don't see how anyone could do a practice sale without an excellent broker like you walking us through every step. The coordination of buyer, seller, bankers and attorneys requires a person trained and skilled in these details. Thanks again for your high level of service that made this all possible. I would be happy to speak to anyone concerning your services and have already referred a friend who is considering selling his practice."

- Dr. Joe Jacobi, Jeffersonville Indiana