How Your Dental Practice Can Thrive Without You

Jan 28, 2020 | Management


As you build your dental practice, it can be difficult to imagine it ever running without your guidance. This is a common fear that most dentists experience as they consider stepping into retirement.  As the owner of your dental practice, you put years of hard work into your business. You built a team that thrives together. You created strong relationships with clients. Although transitioning your practice might seem overwhelming, this Trusted Transition Process

 will ensure that your practice can succeed after you move on.


Identify Your Values

One of the very first questions we ask our client is about what they value. Each dentist leads their practice with a different set of priorities, and it’s important to identify the things that are most important to your practice. We recognize that every practice is unique. Even though you are selling your practice, it doesn’t mean that everything has to change. Think about the heart of your practice, and make a list of the things that make it such a successful place.


Find The Perfect Match For Your Practice

One of the most popular questions people ask is about how to find a buyer who aligns with the same values and vision. Many people put off the thought of retirement because they aren’t sure who they should transition their practice to. Our team knows how important it is to find the right match for your practice. In order to ensure that it is a good fit, our advisors lead in-depth interviews so you can determine the best match for yourself, your staff and your patients.


Use The Trusted Transition Process

Dentists all across the country want to transition their practice, but they aren’t sure where to begin. The process to transition your practice should be clear, consistent, and complete. Our team created a specialized process that has been proven effective by hundreds of other dentists who have transitioned their practice through our team of experts.


A smooth dental practice transition isn’t too good to be true. You’ve created an important legacy, and you deserve to know that it will be in safe hands for years to come. We’ve worked with hundreds of dentists who have seamlessly transitioned out of their practice. If you’re ready to learn about your options, contact one of our Professionals today!