What to do first with your New Dental Practice

Mar 23, 2017 | Management

Paragon Management has been in existence for over 25 years. They serve 400 practices in 26 states across the nation and work exclusively with dentists.

Ken Runkle is founder and president of Paragon Management Associates. He consults with hundreds of practices towards meeting their goals and creating financial independence. He speaks all over the country to organizations and study clubs on the science of profitability. He’s a contributing author to Dental Economics as well as many online publications. He is America’s profitability expert.

Ken’s philosophy is straight-forward and no-nonsense. He says that the real key to profitability in dental offices is growth.

  • When should I make changes to the staff?
  • When should I change my fees?
  • When should I invest in my practice?
  • What sort of changes should I make?
  • Why work with a Dental Practice Management company?
  • What is the function of a coach in a dental practice?