Dr. Charles Blair said…

Dec 24, 2015 | Miscellaneous

I had the opportunity to co-host Dr. Charles Blair with Blue and Company and wanted to share with you some of his information on dentistry. For those of you who don’t know Dr. Charles Blair, he is has been a consultant to thousands of your peers, including many of the most successful and profitable doctors in America.

Dr. Charles Blair and Associates, Inc., specializes in providing highly effective, customized consultations to individual doctors and staff who want to maximize practice profitability and personal income through sound, proven business strategies.

His presentation in Indianapolis discussed the “State of Dentistry” and gave insight on what our industry is experiencing of late. His findings are that in the past six years dentists accepting PPO’s have grown 60%, fee-for-service have declined 55% and HMO’s have reduced 40%. Of the dentistry being done in the United States, 17% is fee-for-service, 63% is PPO, 9% in HMOs and 10% in discount plans.

Of the PPO’s, Delta Dental is the largest with 2/3 of the subscribers being in the PPO, 1/3 in the Premiere Program.

More to come…