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Roy Fruehauf
Northern California and Western Nevada

Roy Fruehauf is a dental industry veteran who brings 25 years of experience to DDsmatch. Roy covers Northern California and parts of Nevada, including the greater Reno market. His career in dental sales, equipment and management has allowed him to work with thousands of dental clients in many markets around the country. He has resided and helped clients in the Southeast ,Mid West, Mid Atlantic, Northeast and the West Coast, based out of Sacramento, The broad based experience he gained gives him a unique insight into the needs of dentists throughout all stages of their careers. When working with clients, his focus is to actively listen to the client to best understand their needs, then tailor the most effective solutions and advantageous opportunities for them. Roy resides in Rocklin, CA with his wife Chris and three children and is a proud alumnus of Auburn University. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, hiking and spending time with his family.