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Sheryl Garfinkel

Maryland, Metro D.C. and Northern Virginia

Mrs. Sheryl Garfinkel brings to ddsmatch more than 32 years of in-depth dental industry experience and knowledge. Sheryl started her career as a crown and bridge lab technician. She then moved to the dental office as a business manager where she learned firsthand the business of dentistry while continuing to advance her clinical knowledge and soon joined Patterson Dental as their software and technology trainer. She has also worked privately with dentists in a consulting capacity focusing on profitability, efficiency and team building. In helping her clients navigate the transition process, she believes in guiding them with care and respect. Given her extensive industry experience, Sheryl is well-prepared to serve as a trusted advisor in transitioning your practice. Sheryl currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with her husband and business partner, Todd, where she enjoys hiking, yoga, landscaping and flower gardening in her leisure time. Together Sheryl and Todd provide services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C..

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