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Todd Garfinkel

Maryland, Metro D.C. and Northern Virginia

Mr. Todd Garfinkel is a dental industry professional working with doctors for over 18 years. As a top performer with one of the largest dental distributors in the country, Toddís main objective has been to explore and understand his clientís unique needs and circumstances. Successfully serving doctors in establishing, building, and growing their practices has been a benchmark of his own professional success. Applying a proven, systematic process and utilizing a trusted circle of influence including CPAs, lawyers, valuation specialists and suppliers, Todd successfully guides his clients through the sometimes unfamiliar world of selling and buying practices. His primary focus is to facilitate a smooth and harmonious transition for all involved. Todd earned his Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Geneseo. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife and business partner Sheryl. They have two grown daughters and he enjoys boating, home improvement projects and fishing. Todd and Sheryl provide services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C..

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