Creating a Smooth Dental Practice Transition

Dec 20, 2019 | Management

When you’re ready to transition your practice, you want to make sure it’s in the right hands. A dental practice transition doesn’t only affect the buyer and the seller. It impacts the patients, staff members, and the community. The team at DDSmatch helps you create strategies that put you in the direction of your intended transition timeframe. We have a Trusted Transition Process that will take the stress out of listing your practice.

Partner With a Trusted Dental Broker
It’s important to partner with a dental practice broker you trust. Your practice is a big part of your life, but you don’t have to create a transition plan on your own. When you partner with an experienced broker, it takes the stress out of the transition process. At DDSmatch, our professionals specialize regionally. What exactly does that mean for you? They know the area, the process and the details about selling in each state. Partnering with a dental broker will make the transition process less stressful you, your patients, and your staff.

Find a Buyer Who Shares Your Values
We know how important your staff and your patients are to you. Choose a broker who works with you to understand what your practice looks like day-to-day. Your broker should identify the transition options for your particular situation and learn about your practice values. Every dentist has a unique style, staff, and value system. We understand that no dental practice transition is exactly the same. You should be in total control of the process so that you can feel confident about moving on.

Create a Transition Plan
When you’re ready to transition your practice, you should have a clear plan moving forward. The Trusted Transition Process provides a consistent path to help you transition your practice, while maintaining the legacy you worked so hard to establish. Our team offers a complete range of professional services to provide leadership from start to finish so that your patients and staff will not see any major interruptions in their schedules.

Are you thinking of transitioning your practice?
Connect with one of our trusted professionals to learn about your options. Even if you’re not looking to transition your practice right away, one of our team members can help you create a plan for the future.