Dentists, Why Bother?….here’s why! by Dr. Matt Kraner

Jul 18, 2018 | Management

Attention fellow Dentists… you may have recently started to hear about in-office membership plans… If you haven't started one in your office, you certainly aren't alone, but don't worry… We think they may be just a fad! If you are currently seeing patients with Dental Insurance, you know very well that things are going great! Benefits are on the rise year after year. There aren't that many patients out in your community that don't have insurance anyway, and certainly people aren't calling your office asking if you have something like this to offer… Running your dental practice isn't that complicated.. it's not rocket science…

If you're still reading this, I hope you at least stopped to scratch your head for a second or two. If continuing to do things the way you've always done, and getting the same results you've always gotten sounds good to you.. by all means continue on your path.

Dentists who continually strive to grow, and think out of the box know better. We know that patients are always looking for alternatives to traditional insurance. We know patients are losing their insurance, or it's just not offered to them because of their employment situation. These patients need help! If you haven't established a system or protocol to welcome these great patients to your practice, now may be just the time to start.

Smile Advantage was created to solve this changing practice dynamic. An in-office membership plan that just works. Not only does the plan lay things out easily for the patient to understand, it helps them get the dental care they need, at an affordable price. We are so excited about the growth of the Smile Advantage community. If you'd like to learn more about how you can grow your practice, and move away from your dependence on dental insurance, we want to hear from you!

Follow the link below to check out our website and sign up for our free webinar, you won't be sorry! After all, you know darn well that this is isn't a fad, it's something you've been meaning to implement for quite some time, it just hasn't happened yet!

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submitted by Dr. Matt Kraner, Smile Advantage Founder